I will return my love…

I will return my love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Two poems about life, war, peace and death. Remember what John Denver said. “War is man’s sin.”


Prayer for peace….

                    Guns and bombs block out
                    the cries for peace.
                    New graves with white crosses
                    for brave men and woman. 
                    Small USA flags blowing
                    in the gentle wind.

                     Woman and children killed in the 
                     way of war.
                     Just more numbers in a book
                     of people killed for the profit of War.

                      I pray for peace,
                      I pray for the family of soldiers.
                      I pray for the poor people in 
                      the path of the guns and violence.

                      I pray to the Spirit of life and death.
                      Give wisdom and common sense to our leaders.

                       I pray for peace.
                       So maybe one day my children. All children.

                       Can awake  one day in a peaceful world.
                               Without fear.


                        I will return my love…

Don’t forget me my love.
I’m leaving for far away Wars.

The cruel wars are being fought.
Soldiers don’t decide the right or wrong.

I will leave you in our warm bed.
I don’t desire you and the children to wait for
me to depart outside the Company area.

I want to remember my arms around you.
The feel of your warm body against me.
Your sweet and warm kisses.

I made the decision to be a Soldier.
I’m proud of my country, like my Father.
I will stand tall and do what a Soldier’s must.

I will kiss my babies goodbye.
You walked behind in silence.
I whisper to sleepy eyes girls.
I love you with all my heart.
They give me sweet kisses without knowing why?

They do not know I will be gone for a long time.
I asked my sad eyes wife.
Take the girls to the park often.
Tells them their Father loved them very much.

I will pray everyday to come home.
To be able to read stories to my girls.
To fall into my beautiful wife arms again.

Soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder in the formation.
No fear.
Gear ups.
No fear of tomorrow.

Young woman alone in her bed.
She pray Lord take care of him and all soldiers.
Please bring him home safely.
Soft tears falls upon a soft pillow.

She get up and lays with her two girls.