Memorial Day poetry. Just men..

Memorial Day  poetry. Just men…

Just men

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" First job in country of Kuwait in 1992. Move the dead frozen bodies from Death Valley. "

Just men..

(I got to Iraq. My first task was to move the frozen dead bodied of Iraqi  soldiers
 killed at Death valley.)

Listless and cold.
We moved the frozen dead bodies.

Men who were slaughtered by planes at Death Valley.
Air Force sent  them to their god and paradise.

Four soldiers doing what we are told.
Working in silence.

My mind opt. out of thinking of the bodies as men.

No-one tried to claim the bodies.
We were told to move the frozen bodies to a larger storage container.
Then it would wait for somewhere to be ship.

Four men discussed the task after.
Joe told me he wanted to pray for them.
He asked me.  “Does anyone care about these men?

I told him. “Somewhere there is a mother and
family who is heartbroken and sad.
They don’t know if these men are alive or dead.”

“Guns and bombs don’t give a shit who they kill.”

Joe forced us to pray.
He asked God to help these poor men on their journey.
He prayed they can go home and find peace.

 We sat in silence.

Funny part after we pray for the frozen bodies.
We looked at the containers with different respect and eyes.

We went back to moving the dead.
We put them down with ease and kindness now.

                                   January 2009