Memorial Day poetry. My brother had died..

My brother had died.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Brotherhood of Soldiers. We fight for freedom. To defend our land from a enemy attacking the USA. "

                                   My brother had died.

Old age led me to hard decisions.
To laugh or cry?
To run or fight?
To kill or let live?

I’m led by my heart. I’m tire of war.
War is costly for the country in taxes and the lives of young men and woman.
The peaceful man want little.
Some land, work and a safe place to live.

I’m a old man now.
I hold vigil for mother’s son and daughters fighting for ruthless and cold leaders.
They can send bombs with no conscious to areas of population without concern for
the woman and children running from war.

I’m left vacant and disillusion by leaders deciding who is right or wrong on other continents.
How can leaders who allowed a great land to fall apart?
50 million on welfare. No jobs and 35 trillion in debt decide the future of Syria?
Our multimillionaire  leaders want confusion and purpose.
I hope sending Soldiers into a internal conflict isn’t one of them.

I’m led by my heart. I’m in search of blind hope and old dreams.
Nobodies buy the lies of the leaders in Washington D.C.
After 5,000 years of war.
Too many woman and children had weep for men and woman lost to war.

I visit good friends lost to war.
I lay with the wild flowers wondering?
Was their death worthwhile?

I hear whispering in the wind.
“Remember me when I’m gone.”
One of my brother soldiers lay in a peaceful grave.
A gift of a daughter’s flowers resting on his stone.
I drank my friend favorite beer. I remember his laughter.
His strong voice.

He died like so many brave United State men and woman.
Brothers in arms will stand together in peace and war time.
Pray for peace. Pray for common  sense.
Pray for leaders with wisdom. History repeat itself for blind and incompetence leaders.

I leave the three cans of Miller beer on my good friend grave.
I salute him and leave with a solemn heart.

Today I watch my world led by darkness and corruption.
Leader who do things without reason and purpose.
USA isn’t the policy police of the world.
It is time to fix our house. USA need some TLC.

We must remember.