Memorial Day poetry. One more day…

One more day.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" We must remember the men and women, who gave all. Keep freedom alive and stand for the right things. "

Twenty one gun salute..

                        Selfless service
                        Personal courage
                      (Soldier creed)

Standing tall and looking good.
Ought to be in Hollywood.

Brotherhood of Soldiers.
Ain’t no race or religion.

Three old timers from WW2.
Shoot their rifles 7 times each.
I go to them and shake their hands.
Thank them for coming so far.
They give me a smile and tell me,
we must give our brother a proper goodbye.

I hold my Father’s two silver stars.
His most precious possessions.
He never spoke of the Korea .

When he was drunk on too much rum.
He talked to dead comrads at the kitchen table.
Left behind in the Korea dirt.

I’m proud to be part of the biggest Brotherhood.
We take care of our brothers and sisters.

Wars never end.

Soldiers keep marching.
Head high.
Proud to be Soldiers for the USA.

Freedom is very costly.
Many men and woman have paid for us to be
free to chose our goals and dreams.

Pray for the Soldiers.
Pray for their families.
Pray for the day when the soldiers
are home safe and sound.

One more day.
We be done marching.
I be glad.
And so will you.

                         9 Sept 2009