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Some nine words poetry

  Kiss Elixir of kiss. Love was young. You were perfect. — Mistress Mistress love. Veil revealed. Perfection remembered. —- Vision Noble vision. Delicious nymph. Treasured memory. —- Harmony Harmony of dance. Amorous… Continue reading

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Just dance, sing and know plenty of laughter. Quotes by Johnnie(Paris poetry also)

Words heard, borrowed and taught. They become a part of us. No shame in repeating the good words and wisdom we have learned. Today I hear my Grandfather voice when I speak. His… Continue reading

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“Not enough”

Not enough A Poem by Coyote Poetry Sometime love isn’t enough.                                 Not enough Kind and sweet muse told me. “Sweet Johnnie, I can save you. Please tell me what you need. You… Continue reading

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