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July 4th is coming. Be graceful for the land of the free and we still have choices.

Salute old Glory and thank a Veteran A Poem by Coyote Poetry I need to remember a good friend. We live in a world where few of us are not touched by war.… Continue reading

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–Happy July 4th. USA is still standing my friend.

July fourth A Poem by Coyote Poetry Freedom isn’t free. July fourth. I have stood with 15,000 Soldiers. A division of Soldier believing in freedom and the America way. Willing to protect and… Continue reading

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Happy July 4th. War is fair. No-one win. “Just men”

Just men A Poem by Coyote Poetry First job in country of Kuwait in 1992. Move the dead frozen bodies from Death Valley.     Just men                      (I got to Iraq. My… Continue reading

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