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Katy Funke song and a poem.

The September song…. The leave are turning and the nights are cooler. The children are playing outside, enjoying the last days of Summer. I have become like the Autumn, my once young and … Continue reading

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A Katy Funke song and some words.

    Rage and pain, illusion and deceit. Love born than died. —- Slender shoulders kissed. The nakedly dance, the midnight hour splendor —— Captured, unrestrained, taunts and torment. Imperfection enshrined.   John… Continue reading

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Katy Funke- poet and singer

Just words   Sing me a lullaby, soft and sweet, just words to make me believe, love is alive and true. Just words, they may be. You are the sweetest wine kisses I… Continue reading

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