Sweat and tears








Sweat and tears.

(Youth is like a bitter-sweet wine. Need to take small sips
and swim in the precious moments.)

Old man listening to a young man stories in the corner of the bar.
He just smile and said very little.

Young man asked.
“Is it worth the pain and the shit?”

The old man smile. Told the young man.
“The sweat and tears of love leave you weak and disappointed.
Those precious nights when two souls try to discover every
secret and passion hidden in their hearts and soul.”

Are the sweet dreams of old men and woman.

I would love to be young and not afraid.
To lay in the heat of Honduras.
Covered by a mosquito net. The tropical heat never wavering.
Laying nude with a beautiful young woman.
Touching and loving a tender and beautiful body.
Those gifts of passion and  a angel smile still can bring
joy  to a old man heart.

To be able to walk on peaceful beaches with a sweet woman hand in hand.
Talking of greats dreams and hope.
Not afraid of tomorrow.
Only concern for the next moment.

Still in sweet dreams. I can hear whispers of kind woman.
Please come with me. Slowly walking into rooms where we danced in the heat
and passion of rare paradise in a life.

Love is a twisted game.
So many words that shouldn’t been said.
Deeds done that destroyed and broke tender hearts.
Using and abusing young woman.

Karma is a fair judge.
I recommend you walk easy and softly into a life.
In the end we pay in full for the bad deeds.

I was left alone and desiring nothing.

liquer and cheap wine will not blind you.
You will wake-up alone and wishing to be smarter and wiser.

The old man slapped the young man back.
Told him.

Just be kind and try to do the right things.
Life is a rough road.
If we are lucky.

Life can be good.
I would repeat my life again.
But many better decisions.

Love is worth the battles.

Aug 2009