Mother didn’t blink


                    (Woman are our grandmothers, sisters, daughters and wife. We cannot accept abuse. Must be stopped as soon as possible.)

Mother didn’t blink

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sometime in a life we must do the correct things to fix a problem.


                    Mother did not blink(Abuser children and woman is not new.  We must have open eyes and educate to stop the crime. Fear and pain hide in dark corners. It  must come out and children/Woman  must have safe places to go to be safe.)

Big  sister came to me.
She was crying.
She told me Stepfather tried to touch her.

I got mad.
11 year boy anger can’t do very much.
I went and told  my Mother.

Mother was cooking.
I went to her.
I told her what happened.
She goes to my sister.

My Mother face is frozen.
Her eyes do not blink.
She told me to stay with sister.
She went to the kitchen.

I sat with my sister.
She is afraid.
I told her it will be OK.

I went to my Mother.
She has the tea pot on the burner.
She smiled at me..
Gave me a hug.
Kissed my forehead.

She told me to go to my room with my sister.
“If I hear a scream.
Stay in the room.
Don’t come out.”

She took the tea pot to my Stepfather.
We heard a scream.
The ambulance came and took my Stepfather to the hospital.

He told the police.
It was an accident.

He never tried to touch my sister again.

Mother smile.
Wrapped her arms around us.
“Whispers no-one will hurt my children.”

“I will die for you.”

5 April 2009

© 2011 Coyote Poetry