Part three. The Water, Sky and the Earth. “First steps”

Fault line of California.

Fault line of California.

The Water, Sky and the Earth        “First steps “

by Coyote Poetry


Part three of my pro eco-system story.


                      The Water, Sky and the Earth

First steps       Part3

Our land is the dearest thing on Earth to us.
Men take up land and get rich on it,
And it is very important for us Indians to keep it.
White Thunder

Faith a beautiful thing.
So is tolerance.
Can’t we all just get along.
James Mannion

Chief Joseph was born in 1922.
In the eyes of the three.
He looks very old.
He asked “What were their plans for the day?’

Coyote  told him.
“We are going to Pfiefer Beach.
Try to get to the crystal.”
He smiles and told them.
“Something are protected by Nature strength.”

Red Fox told Little Wolf. “I feel bad.
The damn headaches  won’t go away.
I can’t sleep.”
She caressed his forehead.

Chief Joseph told him.
“I will make my special tea for you.
Cure for headaches.”
They watched the old man using the portable stove.
He told them.
“Some cranberry and honey cleanse the body and soul.”

He asked them.
“Are you three ready for field trip?
I would take you to a special place.
A hard climb.
You can swim in the water of the Great Spirit.”

Coyote told him.” I have two weeks free. ”
Red Fox told him “I have three weeks till I have to report back.”
Little Wolf smiled. Tells him “I need to make one phone call.
I’m in.
How far must we go?”

Chief Joseph told them. “We will be camping on the Diablo range.
A two hours drive.
A good place to find quiet and peace.
Best climbing and you can touch the sky at  the same points
with the Eagles and the Hawks.”

The tea was strong and sweet of honey.
Red Fox smiled.
Told the Chief.
“The tea is amazing.
My headache is gone.”

Chief Joseph told them “I can teach you how to use some natural plants to heal.
Learning to be a herbalist takes many years.
We never stop learning.
In the end.
It is your responsibility.
Not to pollute and poison the body and mind.
Expect to be healthy we must insure we do good things
with our body and spirit.”

They arrived at a cabin in the heat of the afternoon.
Little Wolf whispered “I haven’t seem many people out here.”
Chief Joseph waved them into the cabin.
The cabin was small and organized.
Art and drawings on every wall.

Chief Joseph begins to cook food and pomegranate tea.
The three sat together looking at the perfect hand carved animals
and human figures.
All were perfect in every detail.

There were six beds stacked in the corner.
Red Fox told Little Wolf.
“Better then the damn Vietnam field trips.”
Coyote agrees.

The Chief brought the pomegranate ice tea and some soup.
The soup was loaded with beef and vegetables.
They ate in silence.

Chief Joseph told them “Today lesson can be the hardest.
To try to free yourself of useless anger and stress.
Meditation can’t be reached by everyone.
I can assist with herbal help.”

“Step one is to be able to control the mind and spirit.
He touched Red Fox forehead.
His pain can’t ever be cures.
He must learn to live with it.
Use the anger and being upset to create a better road.”

“First step is to control your breathing.

Lay on the floor.

Put your right foot into your left knee.

This will bring good dreams to you and peace.

Never put the left foot into the right knee.

Bad dreams will come.

Take 5 deep breaths and release.

Don’t open your eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing.

Now hold your breath.

Think of bad things  in your life.

Keep holding your breath.

Allow the built up of anger and stress to built up.

Red Fox begin to shake and move.

Chief Joseph touches his shoulder.

Now release the poison out of the body.

Red Fox is almost choking.

Now take five deep breaths.

Allow the fresh air to come in and cleanse.

Hold your breath and think of good things.

Red Fox is quiet and not moving.

Release and keep your eyes close.

Don’t move.

Meditate on something good.”

All three fall into a deep sleep.
Red Fox awake.
Told Coyote and Little Wolf.
“I don’t know.
But I feel better.
Little Wolf hugs him.”

Chief Joseph handed them cold pomegranate tea.
Told them “You have done good.
Now you must practice this nightly before sleep.
Need to cleanse the soul and mind daily.”

Chief Joseph told them a short story.

“We will fly with the Eagles and the Hawks on the ridge.

Along time ago.
There was a peaceful tribe of nomad Native Americans
who lived in the mountain all around us.
They lived in peace with nature.
They could hear the wind talking.
They lived in the mountains for a thousand years.
Never trying to destroy the gift of nature.

The Hawks and the Eagle would warn them of their enemies.
The plants were their friends.
Water was easily accessible.
They lived a quiet and a peaceful life in the mountain
all around us.

One day Gold was found.
One by one the gold miners killed the peaceful Natives.
They paid $100  per dead Native.
The Natives were nomads like the Apaches.
No-one cares if they disappears.
Now only the Hawk and the Eagles call out for them.

They are gone now to be with the Great Spirit.
Mother Nature did revenge by blocking the water sources.
Heat that burn the souls of the Devils who killed the
protectors of the land.

Guns and bombs won’t be the end for the human race.
It will be the lack of sweet water and land that grow food for all
animals to live.
A very bad death.”

Coyote, Little Wolf and Red Fox don’t speak.
They saw the pollution and disease already killing millions.

Little Wolf asked.
“Is it too late to save Mother Earth?”

Chief Joseph smiled.
“Told them time is short.
Wisdom and common sense I hope can overcome
the greed of men to destroy all that is beautiful.”





© 2011 Coyote Poetry