A new story “Dark interludes”




Dark Interludes

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Love comes when it wants.



                                    Dark Interludes

Facts or fiction. Love will bewitch us.  A old friend of many years send me a letter with kind words of love at a desperate time in my life.  I was dead in heart and mind. Her offered abated me to return to the hopefulness  and the possibility of love. I devoured her words and I felt a wealth of joy being reborn.

Her letter
             Dear Johnnie
I was so glad you came to see me at Eastern Michigan University.  I enjoyed our three days together. Felt like the old days of High School. I loved how you held me without demands.You made me laugh and very content. I have known you for six years now. I know I’m perfect. I want you to know. I love you. I have always loved you. You have always flattered me with kind and sweet words. You respected my want to be a virgin till marriage. I want to hear your hellos at my doors and for you to be forever in my life. If you do not feel the same. Please tell me the honest truth. If you love me like I love you. Return this Summer to me. I will be your lover forever dear Johnnie. I love you Johnnie.
                      Kisses and hugs

My life had been a chronicle of a man with too much appetite and never salvaged real love. I allowed no-one in into my mind or heart for real. I didn’t believe in the immortal love of forever. I was restless and cold. I have learn too late love is now, not tomorrow. Her letter was short and sweet. Her statement demanding and honest. She was a Poet, like me. I was once told. Poets are liars, just people who whispered tales and story, true or not.

I did return home in January. I went home on leave for my Grandparent 50 year anniversary. Somehow Julie found out I was home and asked me to come see her at Eastern Michigan. I spend three days with her. Her kind brown eyes made me feel safe and content. We drank gallons of coffee and shared poetry and thoughts. We were not lovers. We held hands and talks of great dreams and places to be seen. I was a Soldier and she was studying to be a nurse. I held her nightly fully clothed and we shared many sweet kisses. She wanted love with no boundaries or limitations. I was a outcast in love and I wanted to leave her memories of a friend, not a thief of flesh and bone.  I have known folly already. I left her in late January. We shared sweet kisses and we made no promises.

I went back to Germany. I had six months left of active duty and I would return home. I was trying to be good. I lessen my drinking and I qualifies for the long distance running team. I was running 8-10 miles daily. I wasn’t seeking love. Love was defaced by negative actions. Karma is a fair judge. I drank daily at the local Tavern and wrote poetry for love and for the dream of peace. I forgot about home for awhile. Late April 1980. I received the letter from Julie. Her words made me instantly feel hope. I yearned to return to her. Her beautiful face and the fragment of sweet flowers in her long brown hair and neck was awaken by the letter. She wrote with a force I didn’t know she had. I answered her as soon as possible.

                        My Julie
I have received your letter. The letter was needed. I have known you for six years. We have grown-up together and we stand at a threshold of our life. I have painted false dreams and I don’t know if I have anything left. Now you are all I can think about. The mercy of your words have given me hope and new dreams. I saw you in January and I thought love was dead to me. Today your letter gave me need for your affection and sweet kiss. I do love you. I have loved you since the old days of High school. I yearn for the day to be able to fall into your arms and begin my time with you. I love you my Julie and miss you already.
                     All my love

                                  Coyote/John Coyote