She wanted Paris and I wanted her “Katie thoughts”






She wanted Paris and I wanted her. “Katie thoughts”

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


You can return to where you begin. You become blinded by things you cannot have.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                                Katie thoughts

The city of lights fell to the morning dawn. Katie held a tight embrace watching the morning sun rise. She needed to feel Johnnie near. She knew he was insane and crazy. He was walking a tight-rope with no safety net. She was keeping him balanced and safe. She remembered where they met six months ago. She had found him on the early bus to Vienna, Austria. She was living in Stuttgart and working. He was sitting alone writing poetry. She sat next to him and she asked him. Was it okay for me to sit with you? He smiled and shook his head in agreement. It was a cold day in Germany today. She wore a sweater and long dress. She knew he gave her a deep look and he smiled. Returning to his journal. She touched his shoulder and introduced herself. I’m Katie from London. He took her hand and held it. He told her. My name is Johnnie. A AWOL soldier escaping to the border. She laughed and she asked him why was he traveling alone?  He smiled and told her. All his friends were drunks, don’t like the morning sun. I like to test the wines of Europe. Vienna is my favorite city. A lot of wine to taste and friendly people. She smiled and told him. My friends are the same. No-one is a early riser. She gave her best English smile and asked him. You can be my chaperon today.  Keep me safe? He smiled and agreed. He told her. It would be my honor to escort a beautiful English lady.  She smiled and told him. Flattery will get you everywhere. She asked him what was he writing? He looked into her blue eyes and told her. Just words no-one will read. Poetry and story for peace, love and hate. She reached over and kissed his cheek. She told him. I write poetry and story too. She fell asleep into the four hour journey leaning against him. He wrapped his arm around her. She felt safe with him. In Vienna, she held his hand and he treated her with respect. They returned to Vienna almost every Saturday for many months. He would read her poetry and edit them. They would discuss writers and seek ancient places to see and take some photos.  He found out her love for Paris in her poetry. She loved how he looked at her. She felt rare and beautiful in his eyes.

She learn from his friends. He wasn’t seeking the right things. He volunteered for every dangerous mission. He was walking a dangerous line. He didn’t fear death. He was looking for it. He didn’t believe in love once. He told her . Love promises were made to be broken. She knew she opened a place closed for many years.

The city of Paris was coming alive. She heard the movement of people in the hotel and outside. She kissed his forehead and she whispered. Johnnie, almost the noon hour. He turned around and he kissed her. He moved down toward her breast. He leaned against her breasts  and grasp her butt, fell asleep again. She held him close and remembered him telling her. I was successful in business once. Two brothers committed suicide made me change my life. I sold and gave everything away. War started and I wanted a escape. War allowed you to escape and find new reasons to live. I needed real reasons to be alive. She held him like a baby. She knew people were built on sand, not rock. Can easily be moved or destroyed by a delicate wind.

He awoke and he kissed her salty skin and moved to her lips of old red wine. He whispered,  we need a long shower and to brush our teeth my lovely. Katie gave him a deviant smile and told him. We have a old European bathtub. We can shower first and soak in the large bathtub. He gave her his big Michigan smile and told her. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Katie was a European woman. Her body with perfect curves and womanly body. He told her often. Woman need meat on their bones. Give a man something to digest and hold.  I love your legs and thighs. When you walk the allure of your amazing legs and the movement of your hips make me want to steal you away and make love to you till we cannot move no-more.

“Then shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naken body, and thy balmy lip. Bathe me in the juices of your kisses, whose perfume like a religious incense shall consume.”
                                Thomas Carew

“I will enjoy thee now, my celia, come and fly with me to love’s Elysium.”    
                                Thomas Carew

He washed her softly and slowly. The heat of the water and the tenderness of the touch left her weak and content. Using his hands he spread from feet to upper back  the soap. Paying attention to very part of her body. He paid attention to her legs and butt. She allowed him to treat her like a Goddess. She knew he loved her and he wanted her to feel needed and alive. She turned around and he kissed her stomach. He begin washing each foot with care. Ensuring his slow movement enticed her skin. He slowly move to calves and perfect legs. He soaped up her breasts. He washed them and teased them with pinch and touch. She whispered Johnnie. If you are not careful. May have to skip the bath. Johnnie told her. We have five more days in Paris. Time to do everything you want. She smiled and told him. It is my turn my lover. Johnie told her. After I wash you hair and I will be yours. He washed her auburn hair with flowery shampoo. She turned to him. Bringing her body close.  She whispered. Thank you for Paris and being with me.

                              Coyote/John Castellenas