Love can “Expand and multiply”


Expand and multiply

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old wise tale. Old man with a heavy load was asked. Why did he carry so much? He smiled and told them. Life expand and multiplies. We must become stronger or fall upon the path of failure.


                           Expand and multiply

I climbed to a vacant place upon a ridge in the hills of the California fault line.
Virgin places where fearless free climbers can stand with the eagles and
swim in the clean flow of hidden waterfalls.

I watched the hawks fly above me.
Observer me. I was a stranger in their private place.
An old ancient ground where Captain Jack once prayed for one more good day.

I stripped naked. Leaving my body to become like the earth.
Free from the burden of man needs.
Blue skies and the sun gave me the blessing of  a beautiful day.
I stand in the waterfall feeling the cleansing of pure water and knowing peace for a moment.

My beautiful friend Gail is with me. She wanted to swim nude and find secret places where there is  nothing to hide. I watched her dance in the water and she requested me to come to her.

She held me tightly and whispered. “Sweet Poet write me a poem. I want to hear your voice. Make me feel needed and beautiful.”

I free- flow some words for her.
“We expand and multiply. Leaving what we held precious lost in the dead-zone of youth.
Life steal from us. Self greed and the greed of others can leave us weak and  confused.
We must ride into unknown places.
Scream out we are not  slaves and owned.
We need to lay down with the muses of love and hope.
Need the sweet sirens of beauty and calm to lead us from the chaos of life.
Beautiful Gail. We are like the old willow tree. We will expand and multiply.
We need to stay flexible and free.”

Gail held me tighter. She asked can we stay free of the dirt and lies of living?
I told her. “Look at the sky. The hawk is free because he decided to be free.
When we give in to the fake desire of need and want. We can become lost. A lucky
man carry what he needs. He know in death. We fall into heaven or hell with nothing.”

The fault-line is a hard climb. Two content people found peace for a time.
Climbed the dangerous rocks back to safety with the protection of sunlight.

Free-climbers never map out their journey. The ancient places need to be discovered by the lucky climber. Life is simple.

Play hard and celebrate each new day.
Separate work from life and family. We must work and
we must cherish beautiful woman, mountain and free forest. We must laugh with the children. We need to dance often and love many.

Life is fair.
We will expand and multiply. New hope and dreams will come.
Just remember who you are and where you came from?