__A thousand kisses deep

A thousand kisses deep

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Good song help create poetry. A 1989 rewrite.

(A rewrite written in original form in 1989)

A thousand kisses deep

You told me in the journey into the midnight hours. Please write me some words of love. Sweet words to make feel complete. Give me the will, to be unafraid of tomorrow.
Your love is my energy to succeed and to reach for great dream. Before your gentle caress and our tangle web of our two hearts. I was depleted of envisaging tomorrow.  My hope and dreams were just echos in untold dreams.

I need your hands to fall into my hands and for us to fall together, becoming one in hope and in a celestial love. Unbreakable by the riddles of life. I walked alone till your laughter and kind words stole my heart. I need your teasing and pleasing deep into the the long night.

I want to thank you my love and  I promise you a thousand  kisses deep for you in the coldness of the Winter. A thousand more when the warm days of Spring appear. I cherish you my love. I can cry and talk of great dreams in your embrace. You are my only safest place I can find.

I held my lovely lady and  I told her. I want us to become old together, stand together and fight the world as one heart. I will love you till my last breath. You sweet kiss allowed me to to the know the utopia of great dreams and hope.

You are love and I’m nothing without you. I need to thank you, for allowing me into the protection of your soft and kind embrace. Teaching me to sing and write of a perfect and never ending love.
I love you.

Coyote/John Castellenas
Written in 1989/rewritten in 2015