A letter for the girl who keeps on doubting herself

Amazing words and thoughts by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

The Dreamer Worker

I looked in the mirror. Then with a silent voice I asked, “Why can’t I be that pretty?” “Why can’t I have that kind of hair?” “Why can’t I be that thin?”

Those are just the few questions I ask whenever I see my own reflection.

Whenever people make fun of how I look, even it’s just a silly joke, my heart tears a little but I just choose to give a small smile. What hey don’t know is that behind this girl’s smile is a person who keeps on doubting herself . And that she will never be.

Isn’t that sad? For me, it’s heartbreaking.

Instead, of making each other feel wonderful about themselves, we do the exact opposite thing.

But hey, the first step starts within us. It is to believe.

Believe that you are beautiful and you will be. The most beautiful version of you is you…

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