Nameless Gravestones…

A powerful story. Please read and pass on. Every life had value. Every life is a light of life. She could of been the light of life to save us all.

look around!

She ran, carrying her 7 months old baby. Her face had bruises from the beatings taken from the unknown men, who called themselves the volunteers of God. The city is being plowed upside down, by the clashes between the warriors of God, in the name of God, for the sake of God. But were they fought by the God, Himself? Thousands of lives and dreams have been shattered.

She had dreams of not been bombed, not been kidnapped and raped, all she dreamt of was to lead a peaceful life, where her kids got a basic education, food and shelter. She had not dreamt about planning family holidays to exotic places or owning the latest cool gadgets which just hit the consumer market.

The definition of better life changes drastically, especially when you are fleeing a war zone. Now, her only dream is to save her baby, she had already lost…

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