She’s Only A Memory

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.


He said to her, ” You destroyed my world.”

She said to him, ” I destroyed you.”

He replied, ” No, you destoryed yourself because you were my world.”

On the receiving end of lies and heartfelt heartbearks he dropped only one tear, wiped away the salty liquid that was his watery fear.

She sits in the dark room, pills in her hand under the stifling noon, her son in the next room, all because a man wanted to leave her, she would end her life soon.

He said to her, ” You can’t base your life on this failed relationship.”

She replied, ” I thought you loved me, your words are like a whip.”

He said, ” I thought wrong of you, you were wrong for my heart and I can’t afford another slip.”

She swallows the pills, gone is the strength of her will, her resolve is no…

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