Passionate Lies

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Passionate Love and Desires

You tell me my face moves you.

You tell me that I am beautiful.

You tell me that my eyes, lips and face mesmerize you;

that you love me.

You appeal to my starved vanity.

You tell me you desire me, want me, can taste me.

You are relentless in your pursuit.

Years of friendship and support go by the wayside.

All for your desire and love of me.

I weaken, allow you in.

The passion sets a fire that burns beyond all describable desire.

The end comes as quickly as it began.

Leaving the ashes of friendship lost for all time.

Why would you toss me aside?

Why would you lie?

Why would you say you couldn’t do without?

What a fool am I.

We all get to have that moment we despise.

Now I am awake and will not do it again.

Do not beg.

Do not negotiate.

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