The seasons of love-part two

The seasons of love

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new story.


                   Chapter two- The seasons of love

Sheena left me in early September. The last days were  filled a combination of happy and sad moments. I was twenty years an she was twenty also. I believe she saw the devil, I was.  I started drinking again. The Germans knew how to party and drink. I got lost in the German beer and song again. I had nine months to wait and with each day and night. Pretty German girls came near. We smoked cigarettes and talked. Shared kissed meant little in Germany. The German girls were generous and kind. I liked the logic of the country. Enjoy life, dance and sing. Enjoy today.  The year 1978. Filled with rumors of war and hate. Tomorrow wasn’t guarantees.

In late September. I was drinking alone in my favorite tavern and the many whiskeys and German beers had me lost  in the wind of confusion. I was trying to soak-up some happiness from the song and the drink. I felt a present watching me. Daniela watched me from a distance. Her face distance and sad.  She was plotting her plan to stay or walk away. I pray to the tavern God. Please pretty lady leave me be. She was wearing short black dress and shoulder less blouse. Her hair laid freely to her back and her blue eyes make me feel weak. She came to me and she wrapped her arms around me. She whispered in my ear. “I know you love another and I don’t seek love. I seek to know you. I want the laughing American to be my friend. Maybe we can find secret place and some kind of salvation. Let’s entwine our two life together. No payment due and maybe you would enjoy?

She handed  me a journal. She told me. “This is for you my Hemingway. I want you to write and recite poetry to me and we can find wild and stormy nights, drink sweet red wine and find the utopia where lover’s love without regret. I wrote you a poem in the journal. Please read to me now.

Dear Johnnie
I want us to make the God’s jealous.
You and I.
Dance, sing and love the days and nights away.
You shall be my Hemingway and I will be your Beatrice.
Please stay with me and find places where we can be free and wild.

Too much whiskey and beer make me weak and her blue eyes create a madness that I couldn’t stop. Her gentle voice was a toxic for my chaste heart. I told her. Love cost great payment. The body always wants more and more. If you taste sweet honey. You will want some more and more. Love will find us willingly or not.  Gift of flesh and kiss.  Can lead us to dark places we will learn to need and worship. She gave me a small smile and she whispered. “All of us need the education of kiss and touch. I understand the payment. If you are afraid. I can walk away.  I watched her blue eyes. They were like stormy sea and I told her. Daniela. We will learn learn hell and heaven. Is it worth the heartbreak and the payment due?


She kissed me and she told me yes.

John Castellenas/Coyote