‘The wild roses’

The wild roses

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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The wild roses

The old drunk Poet told me. Johnnie, wild roses are supported to be free and wild.
Things, that are too beautiful to touch will make us yearn and need till we find peace in our death. Those wild roses will steal your heart and teach you loneliness.
The kisses of the wild rose are sweeter than the Fall honey and create a permanent addiction. We shall return to the wild rose till she need us no-more.

I roamed to the deep forest where the wild roses lived.
I heard their song often in my youth and I fell to my beautiful wild rose feet many Spring days ago and lost myself in her beautiful face.
She sang sweet songs of love and she kissed my lips.
I told my wild rose once. My Samantha, I want to fall in love with you and I want to breathe you in.
I want your skin against my skin and I was us to be reborn as one in the forest of love.
I want us to swim in the flowing river.
Bare true face and heart to the warm sun and the kind moon.

My Wild Rose came to me by the river where I sat and waited for her . She reached down and she caressed my face and she whispered. You have become old, my lover. Once you were young and strong. Your face, now with scars of living written deep into your skin and eyes. Wild roses rebirth yearly and men. Age steal your recklessness and  betrayed your body. Dear poet. Lay with me and I will hold you for the last time. I have loved you and you have loved me. Today dear Poet. We shall write a lullaby of two people who danced with the river gods and who sang to the moon and the stars. We shall sing of when, love was young and I was your mistress and the only one you needed.

I left her in the dawn. She was as beautiful as the first day I saw her 50 years ago. My Wild Rose didn’t say goodbye. She told me. Bury your dead body near me and  I will make you live forever.

My good friends bury me by the river. They ensured I was near the wild roses.

I awoke and I saw my Wild Rose. She raised me up to her and we danced in the gentle wind. Me and my Samantha now watch the sun and moon rise and fall. We rest during the Winter in a peaceful sleep.

John Castellenas/Coyote