In love with a Bonnie girl

In love with a Bonnie girl


The soldier drank the Johnnie Walker whiskey in a Austin, Texas tavern. He had came here every Friday for three months to talk to a Scottish beauty. Fiona, a poet, she was wildfire ready to consume her world.


The soldier loved the ginger hair girl, eyes of hazel, pale skin of long Winter left him in the mercy of her words. She came at midnight, wearing tight black dress, bare shoulders and her eyes wild and dancing. She sat with him and he ordered two double-shots of Johnnie Walker.


She smiled and she asked him. Lonely soldier waiting for me on a Friday night, What is your fancy? Do you love me or do you like to dance on the quicksand of living? He took her hands and he asked her once, he asked her twice. Can I steal a kiss? You are a miracle and a blessing to my eyes, I want to lay in your embrace and for you to sing me many lullabies to me.


She told him, you silver tongue soldier poets think love is like soldier’s minute in war. Must do or die. Love is not and kisses must be earned. Bonnie girls know the devil when he whispered the sweet and tempting words of love. Just soldier trickery.


He whispered to her my ravishing beauty, we need the Bacchus wine, the sea and time for us to sing and dance. My payment would be, one sweet kiss by the Spring moon. I would ask for nothing else, my lovely girl.


She smiled and she laughed at his words. She whispered, ah, dear soldier. You talk like Hemingway in riddles and nursery rhymes. You make the kiss simple, easy to give. Us, born by the sea, we know the damn poets, they will try to steal our heart, then leave us to seek another conquest. Bacchus wine will make me believe, you are real and true. Are you dear soldier?


The soldier looked at the stars and the moon and he told her. My ginger hair girl, eyes of hazel green, you are right. I could be a thief of the heart, but please sit with me by the Texas sea. In your eyes, I forget who I was and I see beauty, a miracle and peace in those eyes.


The Bonnie girl saw the deep sadness in the soldiers eyes and she took his hands. She kissed each one and she reached over and she gave him a gentle kiss. She brought him closer and she whispered. Rest my dear soldier, no war tonight. We will drink the Bacchus wine by the sea and I will keep you safe.


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