Lake Gichigana- The great lakes

Lake Gichigana

Once free land held a great nation, the first people lived in peace with the forest, the rivers and the big lake. Lake Gichigana was kind to the original people.


The ancient tribes of the northern American loved Lake Gichigana, the big water gave them food, clean water to drink. The great forest gave them the hunting grounds to feed their children and the big water kept them safe from their enemies.


Lake Gichigana is dying and the ancient tribes question the reasons for polluting the lakes, destroying the great forest and the murdering of the free animals.


Old tribal leader once asked after the white man cut down the great forest of Ohio. Why do white men want to kill everything that is wonderful and beautiful? Can’t the white man see we need the lakes to nourish our body with fresh water, we need the great forest to grow our food and house the free animals. We shared the sky, we share the moon and we share the sun. Will the white man not be content till he killed off all things that are beautiful and wonderful?


We must stand with Lake Gichigana.


The person who loved the lakes, the person who loved the forest and the person who loved the long river. They will be accepted by Lake Gichigana, as a friend and they will have a safe haven in the arms of the big water.

Dancing Coyote