Secret Garden

Amazing written and verbal poetry by a talented writer. Please listen and read.


*her heart was a secret garden

and the walls were very high*

no one got in

and no one asked why

she let the ivy take over

where the clovers couldn’t reach


little flower and fern


by her shattered heart, it seems

every part of her

that believed

in a fairytale that never came true


in sour patches

gnarled branches

and prickly bushes, too–

until he came along

~not as a rescue

but to help her tend to

the untamed garden she grew

he secretly slipped a song

in between

the trellis of her dreams

it sang:

“if you let me in, I’ll always love you my darling”

the notes he played


planted inside her garden walls


she became

restless, willing, calling

him back in

to keep going


don’t stop my darling, she said

keep singing

your words

your melodies

keep me smiling

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