Wild horses

 Wild horses
Once we made pretty wishes to the California rising sun. You were the artist and I was the word man. We loved the sea, the quiet desert and the midnight silence of Monterey.
I remember you would kick-off your shoes and run into the Monterey bay. I would follow you and we would fall into the coldness of the sea. We were like the wild horses, you painted on the canvas. Unafraid of the outcome of our foolishness.
I remember we tempted death often, free-climbing the California fault line and the Big Sur mountains. You told me often, no adventure, no reason to be alive. I loved the big storms of the California Winter. We wore body-suits and we went deep into the storm. I stay connected to you with a safety rope and I saw in your eyes. No fear, just joy. We were free, just trying to be wild horses in the great storm of life.
Today my life is tame and I remember the sea. I remember a auburn hair beauty who taught me. Please stay free of walls and the rules. Today, I teach my grandchildren to dance with the sea. To climb the nearest mountain and laugh at the hard days.
Better to be a wild horse, knowing the freedom of the long highway and the rising sun.
                         Dancing Coyote