Merry Christmas and some words

My Grandfather house

(First written on 14 March 1980, I gave to my grandfather- Rewritten 29 December 2015 and now I am the grandfather)


Time has moved too quickly.
I have growth from a small lad to a old man.

I remember following you my Grandfather,
always dragging my small feet behind you.

Now I’m the Grandfather and I still feel your love surrounding me.
I hear your voice when I speak to my grandchildren.

I remember the warmth and the safety of your house.
I knew I was safe and sound with you and grandma.

I remember listening to your stories,
filled with life and joy.
I remember our thousand checkers games and your laughter.

I remember the holidays.
Your house cozy and ready for the celebrations.
I remember the bright lights and the always large Christmas tree.
I remember dear Grandmother telling us to stay in the house when you
shot your pistol on New Year eve.

I see your face in the mirror now.
I’m the Grandfather who tell the grandchildren.
Slow and easy does it, like you told me.
I ensure the kids have fun and enjoy life.

I have followed your example.
You took me and sister to the parks, lakes and fun activities.
I try to do the same.

I remember you and grandmother dressed like kings and queens.
Looking perfect for a night of dancing.
Loving and enjoying everyday of life.


Your house was love.
You told us kids.
Keep your anger and disappointment outside on the porch.
This house is for family and love.

Today I’m the elder in the family.
I have learn to listen, help when I can.
To have a wide open door for the family in need.

Thank you my Grandfather.
I hope I can honor your memory.
You taught me to lead with love, concern and kindness.

I won’t forget how you treated me after I returned from war.
You paid for a large celebration for the family at high class restaurant.
Your words you told me, had stayed with me always.
I’m glad you are home safe and sound. Our family had lost too much to war.

John Castellenas/Coyote