I will never leave Michigan again

   I will Never left Michigan again
Years ago. I visit 40 countries. Drank wine in Basel and Paris, I danced in the streets of Florence and I read poetry at Hyde Park in London.
I found four children alone with a kind women. I learn. I wasn’t important. Drinking, dancing and traveling man stayed with sweet woman and the children taught him. Life is in the front of us.
Now the old man won’t drink wine in Paris or Basel. He drink kool-aid with his grandchildren. He won’t dance in the streets of Florence, he dances by Lake Huron with his laughing boys. He will never see Hyde park again, he read his poetry at the Utica and Sterling Height libraries.
Traveling and rambling man will never complain. He learn. Don’t need everything, we just need enough. Grand-boy Jaden tell him daily. I love you Grandpa. Kind words, more than enough for me.