Melanie song and a poem.

Leftover wine
Once, you and I, we tried to catch the wind. Once, you and I, tried to touch the clouds.
We marvel at our world and we danced freely with the wildflowers and the dancing sea.
You were the prettiest and kindest woman, I ever seen. I loved your silence and I loved your words. I told you. My life is to make you smile, to make you laugh and to make you dance.
You asked me often. What do you need? What do you want? I told you. My only wish is for you to be happy.  If I had one wish. The wish would be, for you to find proper place and happiness.
Life is still now for me and the stillness is accepted.  I have old memories and leftover wine. I lost my energy of youth and I have accepted less. Sweet lady, savior and sweet wish. You make me remember.
“Let the bells ring, and let the boys sing, the young lassies skip and play, let the cup go around” John Fletcher”
Today I have leftover wine to be shared. Still sweet and tasty to the people needing reasons to smile and be alive. Today I will dance with the moving water of Lake St Clair and whisper to the wind.
We get what we deserve. Bewitching lady, my sweetest breathe and lasting dream. You deserve wild free country, quiet cabin and a garden of wildflowers. Maybe caged man will find this utopia and know what is sweet and kind.