Just you..

Just you
 I died and my kind lady, you saved me,
I accepted the nightmare life and you showed me the light of hope.
I remembered you told me. “Say something, please. I am here and you shall never be alone my soldier boy.” You wrapped your arms around me and you smelled like the wildflowers field I knew once.
I told you. Am I worth the effort my pretty lady? I eat, drink and I am blinded by things I cannot repair. You told me. “No-one is clean, we fall and we must rise. We must feast on today and leave yesterday behind. “
I fall into the arms of a kind angel and I whispered. When you are near. I want us dancing by the sea, I want us to fall into a safe place. You are my light of hope and you make me, want to go on.
Pretty lady whispered to me , “you came home to die. I won’t allow you to fade away. We shall find the sea, we shall find the place where the ocean song will save us.”
Arm in arm, hand in hand, they walked to the sea. Friend’s life song become the same. Pretty girl with a heart of gold saved a man. The soldier whispered in a silence prayer. Thank you for the gift of her. Just her, wanted to save a dying man with the gift of love and kindness. He told her.
Just you, just you my darling. My beloved. Please stay with me forever.
                              Dancing Coyote