No take-backs my friend…

No take-backs my dear friend.

Young man in the dark tavern told the bar Poet. I broke a woman heart and I spoke cold and heartless words . I should of never said. The bar word-man told him. My friend, no take-backs in a life. Every action or deed done. Written and tattoo on the heart and skin. You could beg for forgiveness and maybe? She would accept you back.

Will she forgive you. I don’t know?
The man asked. What should I do? Run away or run back to her. The poet remembered. He been a runaway man for 36 years and he told him. I escaped from the warmth of love and today. I wished I begged for mercy. Maybe the sweet lady I loved would forgave me? If I could. I would be kind to her forever and a-day. Too late for me my friend.

The young man passed his whiskey to the poet and he thanks him. The old poet watched the man walk away and he looked in the mirror. He whispered a poem.

    “Lovely Jenn

You were pretty wishes, sweet and warm kisses. You were egg and bacon breakfast, you were my blessing I did not keep. I do remember you.”
He drank the whiskey down and he listens to the tavern songs. He wrote on a napkin. If you love something, always be kind and never speak words to create pain. Lovers love, lover’s speak softly and they know. Every action and deed will demand payment.