I saw the sun in your eyes..

I saw the sun in your eyes

You and I, we are dancing by the Monterey Bay, I am singing words of love for you.
You asked me, Johnnie, why did you save me? You were swimming in confusion and you taught me to laugh and to sing again.

I told her, I love your face, I love when your hair is wild and free, I love  when your  hair is tightly in a bunn always. I love when you sing lullabies to me in the midnight hours and I love how your mouth moved when you talk.

She laughed at my words and she smiled. She told him, you are the sweetest man, you love my imperfections. You make me feel worthwhile and care for.

I told her, you bewitched my heart every time I look at your face, I see the sun in your eyes and you make everyday a wonder and a blessing. I love your great stories and I love when you whisper poetry to me by the sea.

I love your butterfly kisses and the miracle of your coffee brown eyes.
You made quiet life, fiery and wonderful, dangerous and sweet, you make my days colorful and perfect. I love you dear lady of the sea.

                          Dancing Coyote