The dance of emotion…

The dance of emotion

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Life is fair. We must give to receive." 

The Dance of Emotion.

A sweet angel was waiting on the bed for me.
Her skimpy negligee showing silky smooth skin.
She told me. “Come to me please.”
I went to her and sat close to her.

She desired proof of love.
I traced her body with my fingers and
her perfume create a havoc.
I desired to taste her tender skin.
Ravish her voluptuous body.

I whispered. “All I can give to you is a rendezvous of a misguided man with the desire of illicit and raunchy sex.
I had a meltdown in the emotion of love.
Nullified my heart so long ago.”

“My only redemption is my desire not to teach you the melody of tarnish words and leave you alone in the seize of hate and loneliness.”

Beautiful brown eye woman smiled and
 she kissed my hands.
She brought her face to my face. Gave me soft and warm kisses and
she whispered.

“We are pure for a moment and treasure perfection in love are only shadowed dreams now. Love is a sham.”

“Now pride and savor love are precious only to young girl dreams.
I want someone to ignite my soul and
I need naughty and sordid nights of passion.”

Sometime the prelude to the story is written.
The rise and fall of our heart must surge or what is left?

I touched her silky skin.
Watched the stirring of her  beautiful body and
I stroked her long legs and brought them across my lap.

In the trance and solemn light of candle lights.
I kissed her  tan shoulders and
I stripped and lay on the bed.

She  straddled me and
she whispered.
“In the misguided game of love.”

“The saga must go on till the story ends in happiness.
Or at least we will have sweet dreams and memories.”

                        22 March 2009