Poem: Weeping Willow – 25/08/21

A wonderful poem and a beautiful photo.

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

Weeping willow reminds me
of stormy challenges,
of riotous heart poundings,
of emotional damages.

Weeping willow, fretting leaves,
gives me a sense of hope,
her bent back fingers
but within her, their pathway I know,

like me, like you,
as her,
she represents such harmony
within our souls
there’s nothing raw nor taut
if we’ve accepted that
this world occasionally brings storms,
and challenges and tribulations,
crashing thunder, frightful thunder
within our scope,
within the pain, the suffering,
the madness,
we. are. able. to. cope.

My weeping willow,
garden feat’
enlivens me,
when she shows me that
acceptance of turmoil is right,

she’s there shrouding in the
dead of night,
even if I ask her if new, bold,
resilience is right,
I know, down to the last detail,
every leaf, every length,
what is mighty,
being strong, fruitful,
in this life.

Fingers dragging
but perception is
calm, and the…

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