A one way street….

 A one way street, baby

(I loved love. Love didn’t love me.)

Pretty lady called me lover, she called me friend. She told me, I need you near and please hang around dear Johnnie. I told her, sweetie, lover, my pretty one. You called me at two am, knocked on my door at three. You speak black words, white words than you escape again. What are we? Just a lullaby written about a sweet lady, liking the one way street. Love hard, love sweetly and your eyes on the door. Love beckon escape before the sorrow and pain comes alive.
She smiled , her hazel eyes turned soft blue and she whispered. You and I. We love the grey sky, we love the long highway and we love the long night. We are the fire and the wood. Burn hard and fast, we steal kisses, fulfilled needs that we cannot know peace. We are friends and strangers. We are the same.

I told her. I awoke on top of your warm body and I whispered love words to your sleeping heart. I whispered. Please baby sweet, honey, my love. Can’t run forever. Bittersweet memories must die and love must live. I wrote on your skin softly, I have loved you for a thousand days my running girl.

She held me closer and she whispered. Don’t try to love me. I am hell, I am confusion. I want everything and I want nothing. I need to fall into you and you make me  feel so damn good. I forgot who I was. You are the only one that saw my true face. The true face, just photos of you and I. We were babies once and I got dirty. How many times will I break your heart?

I told her. We are like leftover wine. Forgotten and alone. Few angels upon this earth. Just us struggling to make sense of the mess. Play stay with me, let’s us become teachers, teacher of what love and life, can be.
In the morning. Pretty lady left me again.

                                       Dancing Coyote