My Texas rose…

My Texas rose…

The sweetest gal in Texas told me. Please give me your address and I will write you when you are gone. I told her, she was a treasure, a blessing to my old heart.

We danced to Tim McGraw song “Don’t take the girl” on the Belton Texas dance floor. She whispered  to me on the dance floor “One, two ,three, one. One, two, three, one. We beckon love in the midnight hours and my dearest friend. You befriended me and you asked for the Texas two step and conversation only. I was afraid once and you taught me. Be brave, laugh and never back down. You became my sage in a messy life.”

I kissed her blushing cheeks and I told her. I found you a year ago sitting alone, drinking whiskey. I told you, you should never drink alone. The hell-bound memories will kill all the kindness you have left. I know. I am living in shit and I like it now. I remember you turned to me and stared me down from face to feet. You told me. “I am bad company soldier, better for you to seek a pretty young one. That is easy. I am tired soldier.”

I told you. I don’t like easy, easy does, easier forgotten. I like the woman that tell you the truth. She smiled and she asked. “Where is your girlfriend soldier? ” I smiled and I told her. Love wasn’t my blessing. I fell in love with the gals who wanted just enough. Love wasn’t my bounty, just too many goodbyes. I love Texas. Good song, many dance halls and strong women. I like Texas. Texas girls ask you to dance. Make a man braver.

I remember your eyes become kinder and you smiled and you asked me to dance. You taught me to dance the Texas two-step. One, two, three, one. One, two, three, one. I adored you from the first dance. I knew you needed more friends, less lovers and thieves.  She smiled and she whispered. “Thank you for helping me. You gave me so much and you wanted nothing in return. I love our nights when we watch movies and eat the popcorn. You hold me like a first love, kindly and you never release my hand. Your faithful heart make me strong and I went back to school again. Please read me a poem my dear poet.

-Dear Laura Ann, my beautiful Texas rose.

Let’s the shade of love to make us believe.

We are more than flesh and bones.

I adore your voice, I adore your beautiful face.

Please sing me a song of unrequited love,

Let’s find the Texas moon and reach for the stars.

Let find the place where love can grow.-

She smiled and she told him. I will write you weekly and if you need anything. Please ask. Do you want more than just kisses and embrace? I told her. We have time Laura Ann. Your kisses are sweet as ambrosia wine to me and when I rest my face into your breast and you read a story to me. I listen to your heartbeat. This is enough now. You and I know. When we steal and use the body, we forget to love. I love you my Texas rose and when I return. We will spend a week near the sea and if we want to expand to more. I will stay in Texas, leave the Army and I promise to make you laugh and smile till I can’t no-more. You taught me to be fearless and brave in the emotion of love. I will never forget you Laura Ann.

Soft tears fell from her eyes as Willie Nelson song “Blue eyes crying in the rain” is playing. She whispered. Thank you for sharing my life and home with me. I will miss our coffee and egg sandwich breakfast and I will pray you stay safe and sound.

I will pray the days go quickly. One, two, three, one. One, two, three, one. We moved smoothly across the dance floor and I told her.

The memory of your kind words and letters will keep me hopeful and strong my dearest Texas rose.