Poetry: Bless Me Softly

A amazing poem shared by a talented writer.

MarieAthena & Co

Bless me softly as I enter into your world

I don’t want to be announced or loudly heard

Give me the whisper of water turning into wine

The kiss of your words between my heart and thine


Don’t bring me to brightly outshine another’s star

But lend me soft lights and shaded tents near and far

I have no need of glory or victory in battle

When I have your heart close to mine I can tell


That you’re excited and you’re sweet as sugar underneath

But in the end perhaps you’re wrong to undermine my beliefs

Beauty is as beauty does when she is freely laughing and running

I’m trapped now as surely as a bee who is drowning in honey


So bless me softly as I enter into your world

Don’t demand my song and banners are unfurled

A quiet mind is what I seek…

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