The midnight rendezvous…

 Midnight rendezvous…

   Woman are gifts to wise men.

A wise Poet wrote “To see a nude beautiful woman is more
wonderful then to see a thousand artistic painting.”

 My old heart and mind savor the view and to admire breathtaking woman.
Their smiles gave me delight and pleasure.

 I’m in the twilight of a good life.
 I don’t seek sensual intimacy or to seduce now.

 I have danced and savor the flesh of woman who gave me gifts of love.
 My fingers traced soft and warm skin.

Today I treasure the memories of wanting eyes.
Yearning flesh linger in sweet and passionate dreams.

 I tell the young to be kind in the dance of love.
 You must savor,
 treasure and sacrifice your heart to know the sensation of passion.

 We can get lost.
And become delusional with love when it fades away. 

We become frail and weak.
The farewell leave us shipwrecked  and alone.

 But we must not condemn our heart and soul.
The allure to love will be rekindle with time.

 The Midnight rendezvous of love are never forgotten.
 Sweet kisses that will  linger forever.

Memories where passion weave to spontaneousclimax
and bliss that will dance in our soul and heart forever.

 A woman laying nude upon your bed is a gift.
Your eyes traces her curves and you caress soft and wanting skin.

Today I know the gift of each touch was a divine emotion and a delight.

 Woman are sweet dreams,
gifts to wise men.

Rarely in  a life do we swim in the passion and spontaneous emotion.

When we do.

Be thankful for the beautiful and kind woman who come into our life.