A Kovacs song Sunday. I do love this young lady.

Dear Sharon.

I knew I was Winter and you were the Spring kiss.

You were the hurricane and I was the pond water.

I wrote to dear Sharon Kovacs,

please give me one dance.

I want to remember the dance with a hell-storm and

I will leave you be.

Please give me, just one kiss and

I will want no-more.

Beautiful Sharon took my hand and we danced to “Wild things.”

She brought me closer and she whispered into my ear.

“Johnnie, the darkest poet,

You cannot be pond water.

In your eyes,

I see the Big Sur,

in your eyes.

I see a passionate man.

Maybe you are Winter and I am Spring?

They can pass in the midnight hours.

Old sin and new sin,

we must taste.”

She Kissed me long and hard.

Then she walked away,

moving her hips, moving her feet in a slow dance and

I told her.

Thank you beautiful Sharon for the song.

Beautiful Sharon..

Maybe the “The Quiet man whiskey” was too good tonight.

Beautiful Sharon whispering song to me and I told the night.

I need the learn the Devil song again.

“Don’t wait for a miracle, there is none.

Never ask for a kiss, just take the kiss.

Accept the reward of more kisses or a angry gal.

If you don’t ask for a dance,

One of the great sins.

Fear killed the joy we could touch.

Don’t drink alone,

find the friendship of the songs.

Tonight me and Sharon Kovacs are dancing alone.

Now the oldest man near the sea, he told the Pacific.

I want more.