The raging water..

The raging water..

I saw your bare skin laying on the soft bed alone and I’m  writing though-out the night just words into the stream of the internet, forgetting the once powerful need for your body near. Serene nights can leave two people on different paths. Love will fade if it doesn’t know attention and care. Love is like a garden. Must be water with gentleness, caressed with tenderness and be showed concern and great want and need.

Once we will raging water. Needed wild dance and long embrace till the morning light. We melted our bodies together. Create a oneness of locked doors and no fear of final place.

I watched you awake. Your eyes upon me. Wondering who I was? Questioning yourself, where was the man who cherish every kiss, wanted to feel the heat of your flesh near in the morning, the noon hour and the long night?  I saw the sadness in your eyes. I told you. Dear lover. Put on your read dress and red shoes. We will go dancing tonight. Drink sweet red wine and learn laughter and joy again. I promise not to make you feel lonely or sad again.

She showered and reappeared standing nude. She stood by her mirror slowing putting on her lace underwear. I saw her tempting smile as she roll-up her black stockings up soft and tender legs. She turned to me. Looking more siren than angel. She asked me. Am I as beautiful as when you rushed home for lunch to spend an hour in our bed? I told her. You are more beautiful than when we were wild and foolish. Like children tasting something so sweet. I wanted you all day and all night. She put on her red dress of cotton. The dress  allowed me to see her legs and make her skin more flawless and perfect. She whispered. You can come to me and wrapped your arms around me. Dear Johnnie. Have we surpassed the place of no return? Can we act like lovers in a secret affair? Where we look forward to time together. Not wasted any minutes or seconds?

I kissed her forehead and lips and I told her. We must fall to rise up. My lover, my life and my only joy. We must become like the raging water. Never become calm and be like the pond water. Pond water sits and become a shelter for disappointment and old memories. I learn today by watching you sleep. If you left me. I would become a shallow man alone and dreamless. Let’s revisit the old places and find new places my love.  Your red dress excite my heart and mind. We best escape the house before the veil of red and your beautiful face make me take you now.

                                Coyote/John Castellenas