My lovely Bridgett, Sleepless nights.

Sleepless nights..

You and me, me and you. We love the Jazzy songs, slow dancing bare-ass for the midnight moon and making love till noon. You are my coffee mornings, my Lone Islands nights. Did I tell you. You are my reason to be alive. 
I left a note for you upon the kitchen table dear Bridgett.
“My lovely Bridgett..
My eloquence lady, my gypsy lady, my wild flower. I adore you with all my heart. When you are far away. Your distance kiss I cannot forget. You are my sacred love, my eternal wish to be with. When you are near, the sleepless nights I need with you. Thank you my kind and beautiful lady. I will see you at six and please put on your dancing shoes. Today we will find song and a dance hall.     Love you Johnnie.” 
She read the note and she smiled. She find her red dress and her red shoes. She hold the red shoes and she remembered. Johnnie loved the red dress and to caress her bare feet. She called him and she whispered. You conspired my mind to stay home, take a long bubble bath and wait for you. Your lovelorn words made me want a warm bath and to I want to feel  your hands upon my skin. Please come home soon, I will need you to wash my hair and my back. I want you to read  your poetry to me with my eyes closed. I want you to make me believe. Love is raw, hard and so sweet. I will be waiting.
I rushed home to her and she was singing with Elvis in the large bathtub. I stood quietly and I watched her silky long legs move with the song, her long hair caressing the water and she whispered.
I know you are watching me and please Johnnie, wash my hair slow and easy. I need to feel your hands upon my skin. I am lazy tonight and I need a long massage later and you to whisper to me. Some midnight secrets.
I told her. Bridgett, my beautiful Bridgett. You are my wonder and my mystery. I washed her hair slow and gently with a tender caress. I told her. I adore your long  legs, I love the curves and valleys of your body and your voice. My ambrosia. In your eyes, you make me feel alive and so damn good. You are my blessing and my miracle. I love you so.
She smiled and she whispered. I love you more…